So, the other day we had a potluck at home, we decided one lazy afternoon randomly. It was no occasion, no festival. No anniversary or birthday. Neither any kitty party.
The ladies at home decided to get along on Sunday afternoon. Just a break in routine jobs. This was something uncommon we planned. And to our surprise, it went well.
Home-made delicacies were there in the menu. Each of us served one hot meal for all and together we had multi-cuisines to finger on.
Since I belong to a joint family, and I come from a joint family, I believe that dealing chores in such families has it own pros and cons, keeping other things constant, in comparison to nuclear ones. The list is exclusive.
Having potlucks at home is one such thing a blessed joint families can arrange anytime without a second thought. 
Potlucks are an important part of many communities, as a way of bringing people together and eating.
At potluck everyone is the cook, host and guest and all share the equality of load in organizing such event. People like potlucks because of all the different kind of food you wouldn’t usually eat together. 
Why potlucks? Are they similar to kitty parties? Are they formal invitations? Who is the organizer?  How to contribute the expenses involved?
Many such questions arises when communities of like people decides to have one. Let’s see 10 fun reasons why to have potluck and what to look forward. 

10 fun reasons to have potluck

1. Recipe swap
Having a feast with varieties in buffet allows you to share the ideas of new recipes and tastes. Get along and learn something new within reach. An easy way to master your cooking skills and try your attempts.
2. Healthy discussions
A good platform where informal discussions can be welcomed which generally do not fit in regular schedules due to mismatch of time. Potluck also allows you to have a transmissions of verbal messages unsent, the gap of communication among many, can be lessen.
3. Break the monotony
Take a chance and break the monotony from the routine jobs. It plays a vital role in physical and mental wellness. Getting along social with your acquaintances without a reason stands a chance to get closer and you know them better.
4. Sharing is caring
As the name says Potlucks are about sharing. Sharing a space, sharing food, and sharing company of each other. The main idea is to add some fun in the usual lives by showing the unconditional concern and selfless attitude. Sharing makes a person build social skills.
5. Generations together
A big reasons to have potlucks is to bring together different generations or culture of people at one place and at one time without any specific agenda. Many ideas and thoughts are exchanged unknowingly. 
6. Chill out
Too often, in social events, a person organizing such event is the one who enjoys the least as the same gets too much occupied in organizing and managing the attendees. Potluck gives it a break by sharing the responsibility equally allowing all to have fun. 
7. Unanimity
It is an event of like minded people with similar choices and leisure activities. They can be within homes, societies, offices or corporate. Unity in diversity can be seen at such events. 
8. Theme fun
This is totally an optional opportunity, if manageable, will add spice to the event. The is done mainly to make the event more engrossing by adding some theme based fun activities and making it remarkable.
9. Creating memories
No doubt potluck creates memories. A memory to cherish and revitalize oneself. Go ahead, plan more and create memories for years to come!
10. Save more, enjoy more
Unlike kitty parties, potlucks are economical as it do not involve monetary contribution. It is an informal event which can be planned anywhere, anytime at the ease of all. Just grab the good time.
The beauty of a potluck is that there will be lots of dishes, and no one is depending on just one or two for the entire meal, apart from other fun reasons.
The list may not end here as different gatherings have different ideas. So there is “no one fit to all” answer for such events. But this is definitely a one shot call to proverb “A family that eats together, stays together” 

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