Writing, a medium through which human communicates their ideas, thoughts, experiences, views and opinions. In writing, they make use of words, symbols, punctuation and icons to share a message.

challenges new writers faces

Though it is a quite challenging mode of communication to communicate effectively via writing as written words becomes powerful. It is another way of expressing ourselves. Via writing we can:

  • Share our thoughts
  • Share our opinions
  • Share our ideas
  • Share your values
  • Share our knowledge
  • Share our feedback
  • Share our suggestions
Many people, who don’t dare to express themselves, speaks via written words. To express in written words, we have to be very very careful as it leaves an enduring impression. Writers come across many such problems when pen down their thoughts. What challenges new writers faces?
Many people likes to express themselves via words than spoken language but when it comes to writing they come across questions like what to write?, How to write? What should be their topic? What should be the heading of the topic and many such other questions runs around their time

5 Internal challenges faced by new writers in writing:

1. Creating meaningful content:
A very common problem faced by many writers is to create a meaningful and unique content. It requires in-depth market research and immaculate writing skills for targeted audience. The process begins with understanding and identifying who the target audience is. Writers need to learn as much about their consumers as they can before writing any content.
2. Engrossing headings:
Any person, first of all, reads the heading of the article or story. If he finds it interesting then he prefers to read the complete story or the article. So, the heading of the article has to be robust to gain attention of largest audience.
3. Expansive vocabulary:
To induce the interest of the readers, it is very important to make the use of the catchy words, phrases and sentences. A vast knowledge of unique and powerful combination of words needs a strong vocabulary.
4. Unique material:
Once the writer has identified his audience, he has to present a unique piece of material each time. Something that has never shared/learned/read/or discussed before. Keeping intact the audience interest is a must to bring them back on niche. Writer needs to keep themselves up to date!
5. Creative language
Writers should keep language of their material simple and interesting. Any layman person reading so can relate to it and can create a picture in his mind while going through. Terms used should be user friendly and relatable.

5 External challenges faced by new writers in writing:

1. Research your competition
The presence of competition isn’t a bad thing. It may actually be showing you your position in the industry. But you do need to do a thorough analysis of competing sites. Then figure out whether there’s still an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Can you still rank for your keywords? Is there a way to differentiate yourself and create a unique offer? Yes, a detailed analysis will be helpful.
2. Repeat audience:
Getting same audience back on niche is very much important. Writers has to gain confidence of their subscribers and followers as they plays a vital role. They helps in spreading out the word faster. Best and easy way to multiply on social media.
3. Trendy materials:
People wants what’s latest in the market. Writers has to publish as per the current affairs to stay connected with their readers. Latest trends means more audience.
4. Profitable niche:
Another major problem faced by many writers is to choose their niche of interest which can be monetized in future. It is easy to write one or two articles on the same niche but to expand its branches under the same head can be challenging.
5. Monetize your skill:
Last and not the least is how writers can get attention and paid for their efforts. This skill requires lot of focus, dedication, passion and love for it. It can be challenging and interesting at the same time!!

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