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Age is just a number and many legends have proved it. It’s never too late to start afresh. All you need is commitment, dedication, curiosity, your passion and hard work. If you are turning 40, you may feel like it is a big deal, and that’s because it is. In fact, it might be the beginning of your best decade yet. Your potential is limitless to succeed!
The phrase “life begins at forty” is significant and holds an utmost importance. It means when one reaches the age of forty, his or her life becomes much better. It may be because one has the skills, experiences, knowledge, learning to lead a satisfactory life.

Many such inspirations are like ::

👉Mother Theresa won Nobel Peace Prize for her charitable efforts. She founded the Missionaries of Charity congregation when she was 40 years old.
👉Nelson Mandela became the first president of post-apartheid South Africa at the age of 76.
👉Vera Wang, renowned fashion designer designed her first dress in her 40s. 
👉Julia Child wrote her first cookbook when she was 50, launching her career as a celebrity chef.
👉At the age of 45 Henry Ford created the revolutionary Model T car in 1908.
👉Stan Lee created in his early 40s his first hit comic, “The Fantastic Four”. He also created the legendary Marvel Universe. Its characters such as Spider-Man and the X-Men became the American cultural icons.
👉Charles Darwin was 50 when he changed the scientific community forever. He finally published “On the origin of species” years later.
👉Donald Fisher was 40 when he opened the first Gap store in San Francisco, with no experience in retail.
👉At the age of 62 Harland Sanders franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken.
What was common among these people? It was their passion, dedication curiosity, perseverance, and positive attitude. Their willingness towards learning and growing to unleash their potentials!!

Masses believe that that 40 has become the new 20s (twice). So, it’s not a surprise to know that many women are starting over at 40 again. As women age, naturally-changing physiology and priorities of life starts competing for attention. They may have noticeable changes in the way their bodies. They may feel or work in different manner. Rather than accept that getting older means falling apart, instead of feeling despondent about it, recognize that it is normal.

Life is a new beginning at 40 and there is so much to look forward to.

“As said that never stop learning because life never stops teaching you!!”

Many women aspire to achieve their goals left unattainable, for any reason. All you need is the courage to look beyond. Courage is not about speed, success or finishing. It is about crossing the start line. Now, the question arises from where to start? What to look beyond? And how to plan?

Well, there is no “one fit answer” to this, for all, but one needs to customize it as per the choices and preferences made. Think about your main goals and desires in life and pen them down.

Things you should never stop doing no matter how old you grow!! – Explore your potential

🍁 Never stop dreaming. A person should never stop dreaming or imagining things no matter what phase he goes through.
🍁 Never stop exploring. The world is so big to explore and cherish. 
🍁 Never stop complimenting yourself. If you don’t appreciate yourself, who would?
🍁Never stop believing. Sometimes you don’t have evidence but you have to believe.
🍁 Never stop having faith in yourself. A strong faith can have you to anywhere you want.
🍁 Never stop learning. Keep your learning mode always on.
Don’t face your 40s with dread, instead run into them with courage and imagination. Bring the change you want to pursue forever. Be the heroine of your own story and lead by example.
Create an ultimate “To-do” list for yourself.

A few common checklist many women aspires and achieve :

✅Stay healthy and strong so you have ample energy for adventures with your kids.
✅Enjoy precious moments with your family and create memories.
✅Cultivate a creative side and inspire others with your pursuits.
✅Connect and enjoy quality time with friends, safety permitting.
✅Travel solo and see the beauty of the world.
✅Be a good example of a strong, caring, bold and passionate mother.
✅Model kindness and raise children who respect and do good for others.
The common belief that life begins at 40 is not a myth. Many studies has revealed that it’s the time when most people usually achieve what they want. If not, they may start so. All you need to do is
– Adopt an attitude of beginning
– Let go of the past
– Be flexible and adaptive
– Be productive and significant
– Embrace as it comes
– Overcome distractions
– Stop making excuses
– Acceptance is the key

Living a life that feels good is viable at any age.  Whether turning 40 or older, if you are clear about what is important to you and put in the time and effort, you can manifest more than you might have thought is possible.  Even with the demands of motherhood, you can endeavor to carve out “me” time, and if your kids see a happy, fulfilled mom, that is all the more inspiring to them.

Things might not always unfold in the time frame we envision for ourselves, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.  So, hold on to your hopes and goals, stay positive, keep on track as best you can, and your life path might turn out better than you ever expected.


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