Think out of the box

A metaphor, when just read, gives a vibe for a while to actually, think out of the box, to think of something different from usual. Apparently, it stimulates to try not thinking of the obvious things and to look beyond from a new perspective. It is supposed to mean thinking creatively, freely, and off the beaten path. 

Many of us are followers and believe in the obviosity of the things that we don’t even bother to think beyond or to think out of the box. A simple thing, task or statement, when modified a little, can sometimes produce alluring results. So why to do different things, else let’s just do the things differently!!

The question arises how to think differently? From where to get new ideas? How to stand out in a crowd?
Yes! Every Tom, Dick and Harry, once always thinks of being different from soulmates but most of us fails to do so. 
What exactly is this thinking out of the box?
Well, in simple terms it means coming up with ideas that are unique and have never been proposed before in the situation. If you are of the belief that, ‘that’s easy’ well then, you are in for a hard reality check. 
Thinking out of the the box simply means that you’re willing to consider different solutions and methods for reaching your desired outcome.
When you think outside the box, suddenly there are many more possibilities and opportunities. When you allow for any and every possible solution, you may in fact end up coming up with more creative ways to solve problems

Let’s see some interesting ways how can we learn to think out of the box!!  

1. Be a tech savvy
Thankfully, we are living in an era where we have ample of technologies available to simplify our various tasks. Let’s keep ourselves updated always.
2. Always be in learning mode
Age is just a number and many legends have proved it. Keep your learning mode always on. Best way to widen your skills and knowledge.
3. Embrace other religions
Our secularism provides us the opportunity to be free to embrace things out of our reach. Let’s be adaptive to those and learn new things.
4. Interact with generations
Communication with generations helps a lot in providing ideas with their knockdown experience and vivid imaginations. Ask a child about his point of view.
5. Read a lot
As said, books are the best friends and indeed! So read as much possible, your choice of topic and apprehend your knowledge. 
6. Draw a picture of your imagination
Free write yourself and draw a picture of your creative imagination. Note down your ideas some where so you can go back and recall. 
7. Do SWOT analysis
Count on your strengths-weaknesses-threats-opportunities and do a cost-benefit analysis. One may come out with innovative ideas.
8. Ask why?
Before beginning always ask three questions – what am I doing? why am I doing? what best I have in my hand to perform? You may arrive at a win-win situation. 
9. Socialize yourself
Meet new people. Gather yourself with those who share potential vibes. Each person has its own views, opinion or ideas. When we meet new people more often we share our experiences with them and vice-versa.
We never know when and how a small talk can convert into big ideas. Sometimes, Creative ideas are exchanged unknowingly.
10. Set a goal
You may set your tasks as your short term goals and it may energies you concurrently. A little achievement gives a feeling of triumph and push you forward for many more. 
In this competent world, give a chance to your inner self, brighter up your wisdom and put in forward your best left out!! This is the time.
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