Year 2020 can’t be worsen than this. It’s been 6+ months and we are still dealing with this and the numbers are increasing enormously worldwide. The lifestyle has changed for all be it of any caste, culture or society. Wearing masks, using sanitizers, washing hands frequently, shopping essentials, no tourism, virtual studies and work from home are some of the new normal things that has been added to our lives. Accepted. To fight against this pandemic humans have adapted themselves to the world level change.
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But how many of us pragmatically follow this theory is a very few percentage and prefer to look for an alternate/or an easy option by hiding behind an excuse of our daily chores. This aura has appeared almost after a century which has changed an exaggerated lifestyles of people and make them believe that their needed essentials for survival are much much less than they have actually dealt with.

Twenty-four hours of day is same for all but how effectively the person is managing those is the question arises? This period is one such an opportunity, if opted for, will not come again to bring massive changes in our lives. An ample amount of time is available where in we can bring forward our hidden passions or talents (most of us are not even aware of); those things which we had been holding onto and always afraid of bringing in forward in our routine jobs. The best thing which this pandemic has given us is the family time which we had been lacking about.
So, are we really optimally utilizing this period? Are we bringing real changes to our lives? Or just waiting for the aura to get over and get back to our previous lifestyles? This new normal will also pass away and things will resume someday. But the leap between the two needs to be fulfilled. This is the time we can redefine ourselves. We can start afresh. We can revive our quality lifestyles following the norms of social distancing. Apparently, most of us see this period as a global slowdown but contradictory taking this as an opportunity we can bring change altogether.

10 good things this pandemic has offered:

1. Family time
If we count on the actual time spent with our loved ones, prior to pandemic, as compared to the screen time we would find that we had always been more connected on social media in busy commenting and sharing than actually having a healthy discussions with the family as we are always short on time. This pandemic has given us a good opportunity to have a quality family time. Let’s make the best out of it!
2. Personal Hygiene
Our new normal things has improved hygiene concern of people in every next door leaving us with immunity boosting and keeping us safe. Also, learning in school and following in living plays a vital role as things become habits and habits becomes lifestyles. This pandemic has taught us many things left out in our academic years.
3. Self Grooming
This is one such thing we must all look forward to, as this schedule of our daily living, now a days will never return. Once things resumed, we all once again, would be rushing against the time and struggling for our balance trade off. So, lets bring out the passion hidden in each of us by utilizing our lazy hours fullest into some productive output. Start with your health!!
4.Home meal manic
Eat healthy, Live healthy! With nation wide shutdown of restaurants and cafe we have got a new chef born in many of us. Our cravings should not stop and so our experiments. Shifting from junk to healthy meals is the option left in the lock down. We tried, tried and tried. We succeeded in our attempts and discovered new taste buds within our homes.
5. Needed Essentials
Giving a break to luxurious items and living with the basic requirements has taught us that we had been living with too much of stuff we would be needing intermittently. So cutting out is difficult but not impossible. Let’s keep this trending and save our natural resources.
6. Nature love
Humans staying at home has given a chance to nature to revive itself. Air quality has improved and fresh O2 level has increased. For the first time in history endangered species are seen in urban areas and the moment is created.
7. Charity
Real heroes like Sonu Sood has come forward and shown us the difference between reel life and real life heroes. We salute him! His work towards humanity and migrants is incredible. Offering them free transportation to reach their shelters is a benchmark. We need more heroes like him in society.
8. Kids Connection
Working parents has commitments towards their work and personal lives and the pendulum keep them on their toes for maintaining balance especially for working mothers. Mandatory work from home is another opportunity one can erect bonding with kids and family.
9. Our Real Heroes
A big round of applause for our civil officers, professionals and workers who had and are working day and night on their duties sacrificing their own and family needs remarkably. Unfortunately, we lost some gems too!
10. Friend in need is a friend indeed
Last but not the least many connected unknowingly in the hard times. Many appeared as God’s angels by coming forward wishfully and did the needful apart from donations from celebrities and PM care fund.
Re-aligning all these together in a nutshell we can see and believe that change is the only constant in life. So, instead of counting on an alarming numbers let’s just do our bits towards ourselves, family, society, and nation by adapting this new aura and keeping us safe and healthy.
                                            Let’s just adapt, survive and thrive
                                                       Go with the flow!
                                                    This shall pass too 🙏
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