Too often, we have seen people getting panic over uncertain things, unforeseeable, rolls over to them. May be because it is something they expect it least or they are not prepared to handle such uncanny situations. We all have to mind our mindset to handle such situations.
It happens with most of us. Life scrutinizes you in every next level once you dare to cross the previous one.
Every phase of life has its own enthralling crossovers. It’s easy to freak out and get anxious during times of uncertainty, and unknowingly, it is been transmitting from generations to generations.
Stress, it is called or inability to handle pressure, very usual now a days due to increasing rivalry. But our mindset is one of the most powerful weapon that can make all the difference when it come to managing stress.
So, can we prepare ourselves to handle any unwanted situations arising instead of just plugging in anxiety too frequently? Can we mind our mindset. The answer is Yes! How? 
A very interesting fact is that it takes the same energy to worry as it does to stay calm. The situation external cannot be controlled but staying optimistic and hopeful can be chosen.
Another interesting study says that every thought that enters the mind, rather subconscious mind, eventually finds a place in body and settles comfortably commanding the unknown veins to brain to respond in the either way.
So let’s keep our thoughts in control. 
Regular exercise, yoga or meditation is another simple hack that beat the stress out in any situation. Taking care of physical and mental wellness needs a pendulum between exercise and nutrition. Check on your calories and intake well.
When you optimize your nutrition, you don’t just fuel your body, you also take care of your mental wellness.
While instant foods are tasty and gratifying, these types of foods often contain sugar and saturated fats that increase stress, anxiety and irritability.
Now, that we are mostly at home we can explore our culinary capabilities and adapt to healthy recipes with fresh ingredients. 
Set your schedule. Set fixed time. Set time for bed and rising up. Fix your work and meal time. Take out time for leisure activities. Plan your day well in advance. Take a break. Go on a vacation.
Plan a family holiday once life resumes to normal. Routines might have been mundane during normal times, but sticking to a schedule when things are uncertain, gives you a feeling of normalcy.
Deliberately set viable goals – short or long. Any small achievement gives a feeling of triumphant and energies concurrently. 
Surround yourself, digitally now a days, with those only who transmits energy of potentiality. Additionally, spend quality time with ex and upcoming generations.
Some antics of them are the lessons of life we don’t realize until we fall for. They manifest enduring guidance.  
No wonder, books are the best friends. So, Read a lot. Read more, learn more. No matter any field. Knowledge add essence to life. Keep yourself updated and be a tech savvy. 
Have nature time. Strolling or being nocturnal can also be refreshing. Even if you can’t be a plant lover a regular walk in morning or evening will add vibes to rejuvenate.
Create a shutdown time, intentionally. Yes, you need to stay updated on news but an overload of information and news can be upsetting and pretty draining. Take a break from the news and have a limited screen time.
Stay away from toxic arguments. You can’t always expect goods words from the people. It is okay to have an opinion however imposing and convincing will not make you liberal.
It is impossible for any one individual to know the full truth.
By listening to everyone, it is possible to capture portions of the truth that may otherwise elude you. Last and not the least don’t intrude gratuitously, unless ask for.
Bringing in few simple hacks to our deportment can mind our mindsets efficaciously.

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