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Christmas is round the corner, followed by New year and vacations, jazzing up dull winter nights across the world. Again, this is the that time of the year. It’s high time to raise a toast and rejoice the season of bliss and merrymaking. Unlike every year it is different indeed. From Carol’s in the background and fairy lights across the home to bright red décor pieces and well- manicured, beautified Christmas trees emanating a cherry festive spirit. Be it fine food, exquisite ambiance or some foot tapping live music!! Every aspect of the celebration has the essence of Christmas ingrained in it.

Amp up your home for the festival of Christmas👇

➡️Colours to Use
Reds, greens and whites are the colours of Christmas cheer. So decor the house in these vibrant colours, by adding bedsheets or cushions to the festive vibes. Also, a colourful rug can be a warm invite.
➡️Add on shimer
Christmas and glitter go hand-in-hand. You can introduce the element of glitter through wine glasses, pinecones and candleholders or use sparkly festoons to decorate Christmas tree and coffee table.
➡️Dressup little Santas
Dressup your little ones in the costume of 🎅 Santa and fill up his sack with varieties of candies to distribute among guests. Additionally, surprise gifts can be added and watch out the fun of guests peeping into each other’s gifts.
➡️Secret Santa🎅
A very fun way to play along. Let each person be a secret santa for someone. Each one will get a gift with the name written of his master and the person has to guess who’s his secret Santa. An array of gifts can be exchanged.
➡️Here’s to accents
You may opt for wind chimes to let the sound of bells glide through your home all day long, or you can add some glitter bells here and there for the festive look. You can add some Reindeer statues in the decor as well.
➡️A Tree-T for eyes
Add a trail of blinking lights around your Christmas tree and scatter gifts wrapped in colourful papers below it. To make the spot more enchanting redo your table with green strings or garlands. Amp up the look with candles and fairy lights. Let the fun begin.

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