Outbreak of COVID-19 has shut numerous schools/colleges/institutions around the globe. The other half of the day, which used to be spent in those places earlier, has now been shifted, making most of us home-sick. Toddlers, being the one, full of potential has been left out to sit back at home restricting their antics to explore out!!  Apart from virtual studies their screen time has increased hampering their physical/mental well-being. A major concerns of many parents. 

How can we keep them engaged off screen? How to divert their potential output?

Well, I being one of those parents, experienced the same, so tried to twist the time in some engulfing activities with my little one.

Few of them are listed below!! 
1. Fun with Puzzles
This is one such activity which can keep the children busy for a longer period of time. Solving such activities helps to boost their cognitive, motor skills and logical reasoning ability.  


2. Sudoku solving
off screen
3. Treasure hunt


4. Sketching/painting


5. Seed crafting


6. Handmade Cards


7. Fun with science


8. Collage making
9. Gardening/water planting
10. Flame less cooking


11. Best out of waste


12. Acrostic poem


13. Reading story books


14. Calli grams


off screen
15. Singing and dancing
16. Hand/paper crafting


17. Pattern designing


19. Yoga & Meditation
20.  Last and not the least ,Free playing!!!

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