Since the outbreak of COVID-19, tourism has been shutdown from March onward boarding all the plans on hold or cancelled. No holiday, no vacations has been enjoyed this year. Unlock 5 guidelines has open the tourism industry and many has planned to move out to break the monotony, though following the safety protocols of new normal. Ahaa! Atlast we can be out but hey, hold on! Keep few things on check and have a healthy and safe vacation!

So, the recent long weekend was the best time in 2020, so far, to plan so. Though, not expecting the huge crowd due to pandemic, one of my very dear known family planned for the nearest hill town, but surprisingly they found the hotel fully booked, once they checked in. They have been to this place earlier many times but this time it was indeed quiet different, yet enjoyable. 
Some tips were shared,  which can be helpful if planning for a holiday or vacation in this continuing aura!
1. First most is – do your share of research about the safety of the destination as well as the property you will be checking into so that it doesn’t falls under the containment or red zone.
2. Prepare to do or not to do list pre and post traveling. This will help you as a reminder and as a cross check to last minute packing. Double check your list just before.
3. Ensure to pack all the needed essentials required, an extra kilos can be useful. Though, we get all the basic essentials at all places but carrying with yourself keeps you confined to use your own belongings. 
4. Stock up plenty of snacks and bottled water, as much possible, apart from packaged items. Ready to eat are best to avoid roadside joints. Keep disposables too.
5. Avoid long road journeys to avoid public washroom and less lunch/tea breaks.
6. Keep extra set of pairs and slippers to avoid repeating same attires without washing.
7. Do cashless transactions as far as possible. Thankfully, we have numerable app options.
8. All necessary medicines has to have there. Carry a first aid box to the extent possible. God’s forbid, one may not need it on such occasions but having with you will provide an immediate help. 
9. Avoid public transport, wherever possible. 
10. Keep sanitizer and masks handy wherever go for local sight seeing. This is a must. Don’t step out if you are not wearing masks or carrying sanitizers. Your safety lies in your hand. 
11. Avoid local restaurants and prefer to eat at good hygiene places.
12. Plan your activities well in advance or can book a slot to avoid more hostages. To avoid crowd you can well plan your activities with hostage and have a leisure time with your family.  
13. Avoid interacting with unknowns. The time is such that meeting new people can be a risk as we never know the current situation or his health condition. Keep a good distance and interaction with people unknown. 
14. Make yourself well versed with interstate travel regulations. In country like ours, every state or city has its own rule. Some places required a covid19 negative certificate of past 48 hours. It is better to be a smart traveler and make yourself well-versed with the regulations of that particular place before visiting the location. 
15. Last and not the least, be a responsible guest of that place by following the norms of social distancing and keep yourself and family safe. The need of the time is to be accountable on your own and make health your priority and keep this trending until this aura gets over. We need to break the chain and end this period.
Happy vacation!!

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