Healthy tea recipes

There’s a lot of ways you can choose to make tea, both hot and cold. Here are some interesting tea recipes that will leave you relaxed.

Take a wander into the tea aisle at the grocery store and it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. In addition to your basic black, green and herbal teas, a wide array of options with added fruit and spices now crowd the shelves, many of which tout added health benefits. But some teas, especially speciality varities, also carry a heft price tag. Making your own tea at home mitigates both factors, and enables you to fully control the strength and flavour.

Some below 👇 tea recipes to try are:

Fresh Mint Tea
If you grow mint in your garden, chances are you have a lot of it. Make the most of it. Naturally caffeine-free, this easy herbal tea makes a lovely alternative to plain water.
Lemon-Ginger Green Tea
With its light, slightly grassy flavour, green tea makes a wonderfully relaxing beverage. Mixing in a lemon-ginger simple syrup gives it additional zest and citrus notes that tastes great either hot or iced.
Masala Chai Tea
It originates in India and uses a blend of spices, black tea leaves, and milk to give it a warning, comforting flavour. Adjust the spice levels to fit your personal preference.
Turmeric Tea
Many people tout turmeric for its health benefits, including reducing inflammation, and antioxidant properties. But it also taste delicious, especially in this simple and vibrantly coloured turmeric tea. You may balk at putting oil in tea, but it gives this beverage a lovely aroma.
Lemongrass Ginger Iced Tea
This iced tea recipe starts with black tea bags, but ups the ante with fresh ginger and lemongrass.  If you have basic tea bags that you don’t love on their own, try doctoring them up this way for a more exciting beverage.
Hong Kong Iced Tea
Use either sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk for this decadent, full-bodied milk tea that originates in Hong Kong. The strength of the tea will depend on how long you brew your black tea leaves, so let it go longer for a more assertive flavor or for less time if you prefer a milder brew.
Sage Herbal Tea
Just breathing in the aroma of this simple sage tea will help you feel more relaxed. Add a bit of sugar and lemon and level ups the flavor.
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