Embrace your potential

Embrace your potentials and Be Yourself!!

A very robust statement with a depth meaning – “be yourself, be original”. Let your potentials and meekness combat. Let the former win!!

No doubt, fears, anxieties and insecurities are all round us, outside and inside, we have to deal with them. One who does, wins over and leads a successful life, rather satisfactory one.

In most of the common cases, we see that a person make a perception, based on others opinion, about himself. He overcomes his own potentials and there where he sets back. 
An interesting idiom is that, “The grass is greener on the other side”. It means to believe that someone else’s life is better than their own. But it is only an illusion, the truth is about our perception, beliefs, and attitude in dealing the core. When we see the others are in better place we start believing that without knowing the other half of the story.

It is comical to see how people wants to be “that someone else”, while they want something that others have. A peaceful life, talent or healthy lifestyle. That desperation of “another person” results in the lack of confidence and shallowness. Rather than spending your energy on others, use it to your own betterment. Get to know yourself better. Ask questions and discover answers, how to be a better version of yourself. The question arises, how to be be a better version of yourself? What steps one should take to improvise?

First step is to believe your subconscious mind! This is something which only follows commands with no arguments. Whatever one tells, it believes it. You can talk to someone you trust, a person who knows you in deep. Only because that’s the way “you have always been” doesn’t imply it is the way you should continue to be. Your past doesn’t define you.

Taking steps for self-development can open up doors of opportunities and possibilities. Then you can, in turn, encourage and inspire others. Accept yourself as you are, improve what and where you can and stop comparing yourself with others. All folks will continually be insecure at instances but that does not ought to be a lifestyle sentence for being unhappy. Loving yourselves, no matter what, begins with the act of self-acceptance.

Once we reap that, contentment will follow. Stress, despondency, failure etc. are part of life. We can’t avoid them, instead we can learn how to overcome such situations. Let go of the judgments of others, your life purpose is not what others think else what you believe in. Do not let your fears or judgement of others to stop you, you are the owner of your life!!

Why living in the moment is the only way to be happy!!

Living in the present, we are engulfed in the flames of the past or in the fear of the future. We make our lives stressful when our minds are cluttered with previous stuffs, hurtful memories, and anxieties and fears of what’s to come.


Today’s so called scientific and technical era has given way to desires and wishes that never seems to be satisfied, and so we are always dwelling on the past or the future. As humans we need to control our thoughts and not the other way round, where our mind is led by our thoughts.

If we analyses our problems and the cause of stress, we will be surprised to find that 90% of our stress is due to over analyzing our past or planning about the future. If we constantly knocking at the past, it means we are still not able to accept it. Until we accept the incidents in the past, we will not be able to move on. We need to fix it. Living in the past has a sticking effect on our emotional quotient and our physical health.

The moment we start worrying about our future, we very clearly move away from the present – as we begin to visualize negative experiences of the past and how they will impact our future. And so, we let the mind set that evolved out of them influence our present behavior.

Happiness is not something about which you have to think, you can only experience joy and happiness by feeling in the present moment. It is only when we live in the present that we are living a life in a state of acceptance.



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