How effort matters?
The equations itself speaks a lot. Needless to say, it clearly tells how huge, one can make a difference, by making a tiny effort. Our each effort counts. When we try, either we succeed or we don’t. It doesn’t matter.
What foremost is that we learn something new. We learn from our attempts, from our experiences, from our eagerness, or from our failures. But it all thrive us to our betterment, in contrast to, doing nothing at all. 
Success is the sum of each small effort, repeated day in and day out. Even if we don’t get the desired results immediately, our each effort improvise ourselves from within. You may not be there yet, but you’re closer than you were there yesterday.
There is always a much simple manner of doing things – only if you make an effort to look for it.  
Now, making an effort comes along with an additional layer of distraction and obstruction. So we need to tame those hindrances by staying focused and maintaining dedication. We can’t make excuse.
Prioritizing so, we should move ahead. Believing so, we can do that. Consistent effort should be made on days when we feel good and on days when we feel low.
Many a time, we have seen that people stop attempting if their effort doesn’t produce immediate desired results.
If our effort lead us further away from our goal, then we need to change the strategy. If the effort brings us closer to our goal, we can double down our effort.
A very usual statement is, that practices makes a man perfect. Reading otherwise we understand that our each practice or attempt, is our continuous effort, and steadily we become persistent. You get better at a skill by practicing it over a period of time.
Let go and give your very best in everything that you do. Do not let your own fears and thoughts of your limits get in the way because you are capable of doing a lot more when you simply do it. It is not about the outcome, it is about the effort, which matter!
As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.”

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