As the name says, it is an event which is held at a particular destination with all the arrangements in proximity. Entire gatherings stays together at one place and enjoys the ceremony. Unlike every year, the wedding bells, this season, is definitely not calling off to make it a remarkable one!

Amid COVID19, we attended one such ceremony of a very close acquaintance of ours. When it comes to the wedding season, Delhities have their own craziness, especially in winter season! The inner vibes charged up so much so, that the energy took over. Wedding season, this year, is no different except the pandemic which has brought the big fat Indian weddings to a halt and redefine the arrangements!! How? Has it taken over the charm of lavish weddings? Are people creating a new history or missing the fun of family gatherings? What measures can be followed, especially the families with kids ?

Let’s see some careful points we can follow of this big change in covid19! 
So, the recent weekend, we attended one such wedding at Ramada – Neemrana, two hours drive from our place of living, we were equally excited and anxious to be out after a long break. Though, we had been warned from our dear ones certain times, we decided to be extra careful since we were accompanied with our two little masters. The property we stayed at has followed the necessary protocols for their guests especially at the common areas. Apart from frequent hand wash, sanitizing, mask wearing, maintaining distance, we tried to follow all other norms of new normal to the extent possible. Certain points to share for many such like us:::
– Since our younger one is an infant so we decided to use household stuff as far as possible. We carried the stroller along, so he can maintain a good social distance from all the public places and people. 
– Secondly, we carried instant homemade semi-cooked food for him, which can be quickly prepared for good two days along with the disposables and extra tissues. 
– We also carried good amount of boiled water bottles/cans for our usage.
– An extra set of clothes, footwear, diapers, disposable bibs, napkins, wipes and other belongings were also a part of our luggage so the used ones couldn’t be repeated. An extra kilos were not a load to carry. 
– Little once are too innocent to wear and understand, still we carried a pair of handmade cotton masks, though you can’t win over their grabbing little hands. We tried our best!
– All necessary medicines, cotton, bandage, etc. was there in our handbag as precautionary.
– We prefer cashless transactions these days and so we did at all toll places so the currency couldn’t be exchanged.
– Even the rooms were not shared in the hotel for chit chats and gossips. We only get back to our own rooms once the ceremony is over. 
Luckily, the things went well as planned and we returned in good spirits with our little ones! But yes, as we returned we quarantined ourselves from rest of the family members and maintained a distance for few days as a safety measure for all!!
The main concern of most of us is whether we should be out or not unless otherwise needed as none of us knows when this pandemic gets over.  Well, there is no good answer to this question, the concern is surging again leaving all of us confined to our homes, I believe, let’s just be more adaptive, follow the norms and live up to this new normalcy with extra needed measures This shall pass too 🙏

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