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Every parent wants to see their child happy. They want their child in gratification and become successful in life. Yet, today’s challenging times has increased the competitive level beyond exceptions. It is much more than ‘bare minimum’ approach. It is not easy to survive and thrive without pouring in your full potential. 

Parents must shape their children’s mind strong enough. They should handle challenges, failures, difficulties and struggles, they come across, with confidence.

Now, to face the challenges and its consequences begins with the mindset. So, prepare your child’s mind in such a way that they see any particular job as an assigned task. Let them set defined period, strategies, plans and targets on their own.

Two foremost things, parent should teach their kids; – first, to ‘focus’ on what they have in their hands, in current situation, and how best they can utilize it, and;- second, to believe in “It is simple approach”, ie. whatever is the job, it can be done in a simple manner and there is no ‘rocket science’ needed to do it. 

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Parents can use their own valuable experience and knowledge. They can impart some noteworthy life lessons to their kids. Make them capable enough to manage their affairs on their own. The children should be able to handle every situation in life with confidence. Even without the active support of parents later on in life.

9 important things parents much teach their child

🔴 Self-care

Self-care begins with mindfulness. It is a type of meditation in which one focuses completely on the present state. Your mind, soul and body must sync together in that moment. If a person is present both, in person and mentally, at one place or thing, he should be able to manage that task . He will not feel disinterested or distracted. Outer surroundings will not bother him as he will be completely focused on that job. Thus, train your child well, in such a manner, that he remains focused. Staying focused can be learnt through practice of self-disciplined attribute. Read important tips.

self care

🔴 How to think positive

Teach your Children the ability to think positive in every circumstances. They must understand that their thoughts becomes their words. Their words becomes their behavior. Their behavior becomes their habits. Their habits becomes their values and their values becomes their destiny. So, it is very important to keep a control on their thoughts. Let their subconscious mind be a controller. Positive thoughts attracts positive vibes and vice versa. A child must understand that anything that happens, has happened for a reason. All they need to understand is the reason behind it and respond according to it.

🔴 Importance of mental health

Our brain is that internal organ of the body which gives signal to rest of the body parts. Those body parts function according to it. We must look after the well being of our mental health. It proportionate to our physical health. Both go hand in hand. It is as important to meditate or chant or do yoga as we do other exercises. Children must understand the importance of mental health. They are growing organisms and can well correlate to it. It is best to keep a child engaged in some interesting activities so their mind remains occupied.

🔴 Time management

Efficient time management is another important attribute taught to children. It must begin from an early age. They must use it in productive or constructive things and should not waste it. A concept of time table is effective. A child must know how he should plan his time well in advance so that he can devote adequate time to each activity. Planning things well in advance will help him to stay focused. It will help him to rank things which requires more attention. Later, in any stage he should be able to handle things on his own with confidence. 

🔴 Money management

As soon the children enter their teenage teach them the skill of money management. It means they should learn the ability how to handle all aspects of their finances. From their petty expenses to their small needs. Savings from left over to setting their long-term goals. They must understand the importance of money management. Any amount of money can prove to be too little if you don’t have good money management skills. So, let them prepare and manage their own budget. This habit will always help in future planning.

🔴 Healthy eating habits

Nutritional value plays an important role in well being of our body. It keeps you healthy, strong, fit and energetic. Whereas feasting on junk makes you lethargic and sick prone. Though, this is to children in early academic years. but developing a habit of eating healthy, especially breakfast, begins from the home. Have a family eating time together. Healthy discussions or conversations about healthy eating habits with your child. Start from a simple quote, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and a much happier life!”  and can be further elaborated

🔴 It’s okay to not be okay

Let your child know that sometimes, “it’s okay to not be okay!”. i.e. it is not necessary every time to be happy, feel good, stay positive, win or get acknowledged. They should resonate with other emotions as well. Tell them that perfection is not necessary, but participation is. A well said quote,” Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” and that is what they should focus on. A step ahead towards path of success.

🔴 Responsibility

It’s a self explanatory term but it holds an essential value in every aspect in our lives. Teach your child responsibility from an early age as it an obligation which one has to face in every phase. The more the child familiar himself with the term the easier it will become for him to pave his path. Let them be responsible for their own actions and its consequences. Their life is their responsibility. Let them shape on their own.


🔴 Acceptance

Practicing acceptance is a good option. Sometimes, there are things which are out of our control that often create an outcome that affects us. Instead, of thinking too much about it or trying to change as per our ease it is better to accept it and move on. The outbreak of pandemic is one such great example which has left us with no choice but to adapt to new normalcy. Accepted. Let your child also develops the habit of accepting things beyond control. Another step to the path of success in a disciplined manner. The best thing about this attribute is that it saves a lot of energy. Use potential energy in much better things.

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