Every evening when the clock strikes five, we hear our stomach making these grumpy noises, asking for tea and munchies. The good thing about munching is that it can be easily made healthy and savory.

Here are a few yummy and quick evening snacks ideas that you can enjoy with your family at tea time.

1. Grilled sandwich
Mix some healthy veggies i.e. capsicum, tomato, corn, paneer and of course, onion in a spoonful of mayonnaise with a pinch of salt and black pepper to taste. Spread the mixture on a slice of bread or kulcha. Toast well and serve hot!
2. Roasted veggies
Marinate your favorite veggies such as bell peppers, cauliflower, or broccoli with seasoning of oregano or mixes herb, and then load it into the oven to roast with all the flavors. This is a very healthy tea-time snack option and the best substitute for your fried cutlets.
3. Sauteed chaat
A rainbow bowl filled with fresh veggies, sauteed sprouts, corn and peas seasoned with chaat masala invites you to start a daily healthy evening tea regime. You can also add overnight soaked chikpeas, tomato, cucumber, and olives to give it a nutritious punch!
4. Instant dhokla
To prepare this snack all you need to do is mix some gram flour with semolina and add your favorite spices along with a pinch of fruit salt. Then steam it well and temper it with some curry leaves and mustard seeds. The perfectly light, fluffy and fulfilling snack is ready.
5. Crunchy bhel
Bhel puri is a favorite snack of everyone who loves savory snacks. This is typically made with puffed rice, fresh chopped vegetables, lemon drops, peanuts, sev and some tangy chutney. Some roasted walnuts and sesame seeds can be added to taste.
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